Dave and Tana Drink Wroth of the Storm God, talk S6E7, the new Forsaken Chapter #Balticon. Two rounds of stump Dave...lighting rounds...of which Dave failed.

The Crow's Eye Shot
Drop a bright red maraschino cherry into your Game of Thrones themed shot glass, pour in (chilled) Captain Morgan's Private Stock, a little bit of Cola, and top with Bacardi 151 floater.
Set the floater on fire and marvel at how perfect the flaming Crow's Eyes crown is!
Blow out the flame (Do not forget that part!) 
And shoot the shot! 
Cherry and all. 
Remember "What is dead may never die..."



Wroth of the Storm God
Captain Morgan Private Stock 
Lime (We did not have limes today)
Pour the rum over ice, top off with coke and sip to your black heart's delight.
Then "rise again, harder and stronger."
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