#36 - Poop or Soup


Dave and Tana Reunite and have officially Switched Roles. Tana is in Love with the Show, Dave is a little skeptical. We talk Poop, Soup, and Super Assassin Starks. How many gallons of poison can one girl carry? We only have one audio clip for tonights episode, and its reaaaaaaaal gross. *Burp*





Poop or Soup Fire:

1 Can - Beef and Barley soup (hot!)

Mushy Peas


crushed up nut bites

1 Can of Guinness Stout (or a stout of your choosing) 

Pour the stout into the hot, mushy pea and nut soup, thouroughly mix the beer and barley and bits and sip/slurp until you want to vom.

Make Sam proud with your grossness! 



Poop or Soup Ice:

Root Beer (TANA...not DR. PEPPER) Float (Vanilla Ice Cream)

Vanilla Vodka

Banana Vodka

Random Candies/Cookies and Nuts


Crush up everything and throw mix together into a sugary brown slop...plop plop.

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