#38 - The Queens Justice


Dave and Tana get together to talk about S7E3, The Queens Justice, in the most meandering fashion possible. We coin a new term when Tana goes off on a "Tanagent". Join us for a good drink (for one of us) and  zesty discussion of the show!




All Men Must Drink:

Tonight is “Pick your Poison” night on Westeros Wheneverly.

 In front of us on the table is a rich Dornish Red.

What better vehicle with which to mask the poison that will painlessly kill the matriarch of House Tyrell, the Lords Paramount of the Mander and liege lords of the Reach, than the rich red wine of their eternal enemy, the Dornish?

(Let’s be honest, the sand snakes could’ve used a win here. That Cersei kiss? Ice cold.)

Beside each glass is a clear liquid.

One is water.

The other is poison.

(In our case, Tequila Blanco. Yech!)

Without smelling, sniffing or otherwise cheating, pick one of the two clear liquids and dump it into your glass at arms length.  Then cheers your nemesis and confess your darkest sins.

WARNING: Unlike Olenna’s death, yours will NOT be painless.



(But only some men will drink tequila in red wine)

(Hopefully it’s Dave!)

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