Drinks 13 - 15

#14 - Sworn Sword


2 oz. CranGrape Juice

2 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Blue Curacao

½ oz. Blood Red Grenadine

Shake the juice, vodka, blue curacao together over ice and pour over a single blood red cherry in the bottom of your glass. Drizzle the grenadine over the top and imagine it is the blood of your enemies. Look upon this with your thousand eyes and one.


(p.456 Dance)

“[Snowylocks] …had a weirwood bowl in her hands, carved with a dozen faces, like the ones the heart trees wore. Inside was a white paste, thick and heavy, with dark red veins running through it.”

1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps (chilled)

1 tsp Bailey’s

½ Tsp. Grenadine

Pour ingredients in that order into a shot glass, take a moment to appreciate the swirling grossness that is the WEIRWOOD PASTE SHOT and shoot it back. The pepperminty goodness will leave you feeling like you can see the world one white root at a time.

#13 - Not Really about the Sandsnakes


1 can of Guinness (chilled)

1 can of Cider (chilled)

Pour cider into a pint glass (half full) then slowly pour the Draught Guinness from the can (not the bottle!) slowly over a spoon into the half-full glass of cider and wait for the beverage to separate. 
And because the careful reader will know that Dorne is the only place in the known world where lemons seem to grow we are starting off with:


1 oz Citrus Vodka

1 fresh lemon, squeezed 

Fill your Westeros Wheneverly Cocktail Shaker with ice and shake the citrus vodka and one whole lemon, squeezed until properly frothy. Then rim your shot glass in brown sugar (because dave doesn't have white sugar at his house) shoot and enjoy.