Westeros Wheneverly

A Lesbian and a Jew get Drunk on Game of Thrones thmeded Cocktails and talk circles about all things ASOIAF. Spoilers, Drinks, and Mayhem. All Men Must Drink!

#44 - The Stray

February 27th, 2018

Dave and Tana continue to spin themselfs off by making choices of their very own. Do you like it hot? Do you like it Cold? Whiskey Straight? We don't judge. In this episode we define "marpiosa", play a few rounds of stump Dave, and break down the meaty, juicy, chewy, philosophical nut that is conciousness. 




This Drink Looks like Nothing:

The Rum ChaiLatte:


Chai Tea (Hot or Cold)




#43 - Chestnut

February 22nd, 2018

According to the Cambridge dictionary an “OLD CHESTNUT” is: a subject, idea, or joke that has been discussed or repeated so often that it is not funny any more.


Repeated so often that it is not funny any more?..."Boobies"

You know, I’d say that explains rather a lot about this here second episode.

*spits into a spittoon*


Join Dave and Tana as they geek out, sip their Old Fashioned, and define yet other words (Bespoke) while pondering the great mysteries of what it means to be real.



This Drink Looks like Nothing:

Old Fashioned with Sassparilla and Sorgham Bitters


#42 - The Original - Westworld Wheneverly

February 16th, 2018

Dave and Tana are back, and they are spinning themselves off!! This time they are in a different West-World....in fact, they are in Westworld!!! We attempt to be smart about the New HBO Phenom Westworld, while we drink and ramble on.



This Drink Looks Like Nothing:


Craft Beer of Your Choosing


Shot of Walker Black Label....The Man in Black Label!

#41 Dragon and Wolf

September 2nd, 2017


In honor of the many couplings in this show getting an added (and often uninvited) character, Westeros Wheneverly presents:





Three ingredients, shaken in equal parts over ice:


Fireball Cinnamon Fire Whiskey

Vanilla Vodka from the North

Apple Juice


Garnish with an apple slice over a rim of cinnamon sugar, especially if you like your unions extra sweet. Though, judging by that Brienne banter these Game of Thrones unions were extra salty.


Staying on point, this recipe was happily provided by our special guest and Wetseros Wheneverly Third - Kirsten! She joins us to nibble sharktoots, sip a beverage and talk all things Season 7.


Join us as we discuss such topics as: Joneys performing that savory Roast Chicken position, is AEGON going to be his real name? Did Sam just steamroll Gilly? #menamirite How about that TheonJon scene? Or Cersei’s inability to murder ANY of her brothers.



#40 - Beyond the Wall

August 22nd, 2017

Tana finally comes back from the great beyond (Comic-Cons) to discuss Two episodes with Dave, Eastwatch and Beyond the Wall. After a huge mess with a food processor we Drink Jonnie White Walker Blue Slushies, play a quick game of "Dave reads Tana's Notes", and get jiggy with the episodes. I mean, come on...Northern Winter Olympics Anyone (thats a Gendry Maraetheon, and White Walker Tom Brady Joke)? Oh Yea...we turn 40!!!




White Walker Slushies

2oz Johnny Walker Black

3oz Blue Curacao

1 floater of chilled peppermint schnapps

Grape Gatorade

Crushed Ice blended into slushy perfection


This drink is a smokey peppermint delight.

Perfect for those moments when the White Walkers drag a dead dragon carcass out of the ice lake using huge (I mean massive!) chain they obviously have spent a ton of time building for just such an eventuality.

Next up?  The Season 7 Finale! 

#39 - Spoils of War

August 8th, 2017

Dave and Tana have Sex on the Beach...Cave....DRINKS PEOPLE, talk about Season 7 Episode 4 "Spoils of War". Hear about some cool new Sponsors, we've made it!!! Also, Dave sings a new rendition of Coming Around the Mountain. Speaking of new Songs, Coner our Super Fan created a new "Stumpin Dave" Theme song.




All Men Must Drink:

Sex on the Beach

2 oz Vodka

1 oz Peach Schnapps (in our case, 99 Peaches nips)

1 oz Blue Curacao

Shake the booze like mad over ice in your Westeros Wheneverly shaker and pour slowly over striated layers of Pomegranite juice, Orange Juice and ice. 

Click a pic then swirl it, baby! 

Serve cold in a hot cave on the beach.



#38 - The Queens Justice

August 3rd, 2017

Dave and Tana get together to talk about S7E3, The Queens Justice, in the most meandering fashion possible. We coin a new term when Tana goes off on a "Tanagent". Join us for a good drink (for one of us) and  zesty discussion of the show!




All Men Must Drink:

Tonight is “Pick your Poison” night on Westeros Wheneverly.

 In front of us on the table is a rich Dornish Red.

What better vehicle with which to mask the poison that will painlessly kill the matriarch of House Tyrell, the Lords Paramount of the Mander and liege lords of the Reach, than the rich red wine of their eternal enemy, the Dornish?

(Let’s be honest, the sand snakes could’ve used a win here. That Cersei kiss? Ice cold.)

Beside each glass is a clear liquid.

One is water.

The other is poison.

(In our case, Tequila Blanco. Yech!)

Without smelling, sniffing or otherwise cheating, pick one of the two clear liquids and dump it into your glass at arms length.  Then cheers your nemesis and confess your darkest sins.

WARNING: Unlike Olenna’s death, yours will NOT be painless.



(But only some men will drink tequila in red wine)

(Hopefully it’s Dave!)

#37 - S7E2 Stormborn

July 24th, 2017

Tana and Dave discuss S7E2 and thats it. Unbelievably Tana still loves the show. Tonights drink is a favorite, and not terrible (Dave drank 3 glasses...so it must be tasty). What you can't see is Dave recorded this episode as bright red as a freshly boiled lobster....



All Men Must Drink:



Typically a smash is a cocktail made with muddled seasonal fresh fruit, simple syrup (if you’re into that sort of thing), booze (we are using rum, naturally) and served over crushed iced.


Bacardi Rum (If it’s good enough for Jorah, it’s good enough for us!)

Fresh Strawberries

Frozen Strawberries

Fresh Raspberries

Fresh squeezed lime juice

Simple Syrup

Mint from Tana’s Garden (which she forgot to bring!!)

Crushed ice

Garnish with a slice of strawberry (Or a whole strawberry if you are feeling fancy)


And if you are feeling brave, add a floater of Bacardi 151 Rum and light it on fire.

Because Euron SMASHED YARA with blood and FIRE!

(And OMG we have so much 151 left. Add it to our still full gallon of blue curacao. Geez.)


The trick to this cocktail is to make like Euron and SMASH the hell out of it!...Into your Westeros Wheneverly cocktail shaker. Violently muddle 3 hulled fresh strawberries, a handful of fresh raspberries, adding in 2 or 3 chopped frozen strawberries (chunked) 3 oz. of white rum (we are using Bacardi) 1 oz. fresh lime juice,  and crushed ice.


Shake like mad.


Pour into your favorite Game of Thrones glassware, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint from Tana’s garden (if you can remember it), and a whole (or slice) of fresh strawberry. And enjoy.


Marveling at how you could have ever thought Euron was going to deliver something as boring as a dragon-binder horn. Ha! What fools we were!

#36 - Poop or Soup

July 20th, 2017

Dave and Tana Reunite and have officially Switched Roles. Tana is in Love with the Show, Dave is a little skeptical. We talk Poop, Soup, and Super Assassin Starks. How many gallons of poison can one girl carry? We only have one audio clip for tonights episode, and its reaaaaaaaal gross. *Burp*





Poop or Soup Fire:

1 Can - Beef and Barley soup (hot!)

Mushy Peas


crushed up nut bites

1 Can of Guinness Stout (or a stout of your choosing) 

Pour the stout into the hot, mushy pea and nut soup, thouroughly mix the beer and barley and bits and sip/slurp until you want to vom.

Make Sam proud with your grossness! 



Poop or Soup Ice:

Root Beer (TANA...not DR. PEPPER) Float (Vanilla Ice Cream)

Vanilla Vodka

Banana Vodka

Random Candies/Cookies and Nuts


Crush up everything and throw mix together into a sugary brown slop...plop plop.

#35 - Eldric Shadowchaser/Season 7 Trailer #2

June 22nd, 2017

Tana and Dave reunite for another great episode of WW. We anal-eyez through the #winterishere Trailer for Season 7 of the show, then discuss a little about some dude named Eldric Shadowchaser (or Tana is all over the map...for realz there is a map...we have no idea who this guy is).



All Men Must Drink:


Chateau Ste Michelle - Chardonnay - 2015.....Our Honeywine