#23 Jamie Lannister


Tana forces Dave to drink some Kahlua based drinks and he only complains a little. (In fact, he seems to prefer the Kahlua!) The cast starts off with a brief synopsis of our favorite parts of Season 6 Episode 2 "Home" and then hits Jamie Hard...well he hits us hard with his epic dream sequence."In this light a beauty, In this light a Knight"....a White Knight that is.

 Rhaegar makes a cameo all shrouded in white and we ramble on a bit, as ever. 
Mix up those cocktails and join us! Golden hands and all. 

essentially a black russian:

equal parts 
Vanilla Vodka
over lots of ice. 
Shake up some more vanilla vodka, whole milk (gross!) over more ice and serve slowly in your Black Russian rocks glass to whiten your True Knight status. 

WARNING: Being a soiled knight is, in fact, sweeter.
For a shot we did Rumchata and Jack Daniel's Cinnamon Whiskey equal parts shaken on ice and poured ice cold. If you are Dave, congratulate yourself my friend, as this is you at your creative finest.
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