#26 The False Spring


Dave and Tana Discuss Episode 6 "Blood of My Blood", then get straight back to the books, with some recap and talk about the False Spring, and R+L. Dave gets semi-stumped, and absolutely gets drunk.


False Spring and Tonics

Tana's great idea to have Dave hate the drink and request another (False Spring! Get it?) was totally thwarted when Dave decided he actually likes Gin and Tonics, which, when Tana thinks about it, should have been no surprise at all really. She even had Vodka Tonics at the ready. For those of you who don't like gin, or perhaps who simply love vodka, have at it!  

2oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
Loads of ice
2 slices of Tana's homegrown dwarf limes 
(Take a million years to deseed these limes, as they have one billion seeds in every slice. Who knew?)
Rim the edge of your THREE EYED RAVEN glasses with the juice of one of the lime wedges

and ENJOY!


For the pregame shot we did Birddog Kentucky Bourbon Apple whiskey and straight Kentucky whiskey mixed together, chilled, (to cut the sweetness) and enjoyed. They reminded us of all our false springs of the past. To Lyanna, that boyish mystery maid! CHEERS! 
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