#32 House Hightower


Dave and Tana explore The history of House Hightower, and do a deep dive on the "Dawnish" (Gods from the Great empire of the Dawn). Dave hates the Drink, gets drunk, and mentions dragon poop. Incessantly. We also, eat sharktoots, and annouce the winner of our shaker raffle, in glorious fashion (Rock, paper, scisors). Does Tay Zonday Follow Dave on Twitter? Find out in this episode, of Westeros Wheneverly!





The Hightower Highball:

2oz cinamon whisky
1oz vanilla vodka
2oz apple whisky

Fill up highball glass w/Ice, Fill halfway with Ginger Ale, Pour Liquor on top.
Garnish with Sliced Apple (Crisp)


Signal Fire Shot:

Iced Vanilla Vodka with a floater of 151. Set a blaze once you figure out how to turn off the damn lights!

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