Westeros Wheneverly

A Lesbian and a Jew get Drunk on Game of Thrones thmeded Cocktails and talk circles about all things ASOIAF. Spoilers, Drinks, and Mayhem. All Men Must Drink!

#34 Citadel, Part 2

March 27th, 2017

Welcome back to the Quill and Tankard, Dave and Tana move into a Corner to avoid wandering ears from overhearing this Mysterious Ramble of off Topic, and Crack pot Theories. We travel back in the way back machine to talk about the reliable narrator, Septon Barth, and enjoy sharktoots with Sam. Except for the Moldy stale crackers, Roise, get some tupperware. 





SHOT of the Night: The Cinnamon Wind (AKA just Cinnamon Whiskey)


Random House Ales quenched our thirst and warmed our cockles.




#33 Citadel, The Shaft

February 27th, 2017

Dave and Tana return, this time from the lovely, drunken Quill and Tankard. Drinking Strong Cider, finally discussing the Citadel. In this episode we discuss the meaty back bone of the Citadel, laying the foundation for the Tip...Just the Tip. 




All Men Must Drink:


Green Sphinx Shots:

1oz Blue Curacao (duh)

1oz Wild Turkey Whiskey 

1/2oz Disarrono 


Shake over Ice, and Serve...its actually delicious, and Green.


Grab you variety Cider pack, and chug along. Or if you are Tana, attempt to empty your fridge from the super bowl party you threw a while back...and didn't invite Dave to.

#32 House Hightower

January 6th, 2017

Dave and Tana explore The history of House Hightower, and do a deep dive on the "Dawnish" (Gods from the Great empire of the Dawn). Dave hates the Drink, gets drunk, and mentions dragon poop. Incessantly. We also, eat sharktoots, and annouce the winner of our shaker raffle, in glorious fashion (Rock, paper, scisors). Does Tay Zonday Follow Dave on Twitter? Find out in this episode, of Westeros Wheneverly!





The Hightower Highball:

2oz cinamon whisky
1oz vanilla vodka
2oz apple whisky

Fill up highball glass w/Ice, Fill halfway with Ginger Ale, Pour Liquor on top.
Garnish with Sliced Apple (Crisp)


Signal Fire Shot:

Iced Vanilla Vodka with a floater of 151. Set a blaze once you figure out how to turn off the damn lights!

#31 Oily Black Stone

December 20th, 2016

Tana and Dave don't discuss the Citadel...just yet. Instead we build upon the base of BATTLE ISLE!!!! Join us for Oily Black Stones and a drunken ride back to the dawn of days. After our journey, we reveal a new Shaker Contest, and reply to a listener e-mail.






1 part Captain Morgan Prviate Stock

1 part Blue Curacao (Duh)

1 part Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Secret Ingredient: Juice from an Oily Black Cherry (warning, do not drink oil).


Oily Black Fire Shots:

Same as above, with a 151 floater. Light on fire and Consume. Do not burn yourself, you are not blood of the dragon.




#30 Dragons and Shit

December 5th, 2016

Dave and Tana are back at it again.......finally, with a great episode about <strike>Conspiracy theories</strike> Dragons and shit...or where they came from. Tana presents her theory on the origins of Dragons, Spoiler, "man" made by blood magic.



All Men Must Drink:


Shot of Wild Turkey - Gobble Gobble


Wild Goose Chase:

2 parts Blue Curacao

2 parts Grey Goose

3 parts Cranberry Grape Juice

Shaken over ice, drink from a pint glass that says "I drink and I know things"

#29 The Faith

July 13th, 2016

Dave and Tana reunite after two weeks of heartbreaking separation to discuss, with their most indepth analysis (haha anal) of "The Faith". Some might say distracted disgusting sometimes divine dialog, but we like to think its more...drunken debauchery. Join us and drink some 7 pointed stars.


All men Must Drink:

7 - Pointed Stars:

Mother - Crystal Light
Smith - Hand Crafted Ginger Cider (Thanks Scott)
Maiden - Cherry Bacardi
Father - Vodka
Warrior - Grenadine (Blood)
Crone - Aged Premium Barrel, Captain Morgan Private Stock
Stranger - Dash of Blue Curacao
Belated Birthday Shots:

Vanilla Vodka 1oz
Rumchata 1/2oz
Grenadine to Taste

See PowerPoint Below:


#28 Good Morning Westeros

July 1st, 2016

Good Morning Westeros, Dave and Tana Take on the Internet with a remote cast for the first time....Spoilers, we sound great, and can now successfully have remote guests. ITS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Tana and Dave talk through the Season 6 Finale "The Winds of Winter" and enjoy general ASOIAF Talk. 

To Play along at home, make some coffee or Ice Water, feel free to spike with whatever you want!

#27 - Mormonts, Krakens, and the Crows Eye…OH MY!

June 6th, 2016

Dave and Tana Drink Wroth of the Storm God, talk S6E7, the new Forsaken Chapter #Balticon. Two rounds of stump Dave...lighting rounds...of which Dave failed.

The Crow's Eye Shot
Drop a bright red maraschino cherry into your Game of Thrones themed shot glass, pour in (chilled) Captain Morgan's Private Stock, a little bit of Cola, and top with Bacardi 151 floater.
Set the floater on fire and marvel at how perfect the flaming Crow's Eyes crown is!
Blow out the flame (Do not forget that part!) 
And shoot the shot! 
Cherry and all. 
Remember "What is dead may never die..."



Wroth of the Storm God
Captain Morgan Private Stock 
Lime (We did not have limes today)
Pour the rum over ice, top off with coke and sip to your black heart's delight.
Then "rise again, harder and stronger."

#26 The False Spring

May 31st, 2016

Dave and Tana Discuss Episode 6 "Blood of My Blood", then get straight back to the books, with some recap and talk about the False Spring, and R+L. Dave gets semi-stumped, and absolutely gets drunk.


False Spring and Tonics

Tana's great idea to have Dave hate the drink and request another (False Spring! Get it?) was totally thwarted when Dave decided he actually likes Gin and Tonics, which, when Tana thinks about it, should have been no surprise at all really. She even had Vodka Tonics at the ready. For those of you who don't like gin, or perhaps who simply love vodka, have at it!  

2oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
Loads of ice
2 slices of Tana's homegrown dwarf limes 
(Take a million years to deseed these limes, as they have one billion seeds in every slice. Who knew?)
Rim the edge of your THREE EYED RAVEN glasses with the juice of one of the lime wedges

and ENJOY!


For the pregame shot we did Birddog Kentucky Bourbon Apple whiskey and straight Kentucky whiskey mixed together, chilled, (to cut the sweetness) and enjoyed. They reminded us of all our false springs of the past. To Lyanna, that boyish mystery maid! CHEERS! 

#25 - Honor to Hodor

May 26th, 2016

Dave and Tana talk Hodor while drinking wine Take 2. The first cast on the new Studio Equipment, mixer, mics, and even direct injection of sound clips!! We take a trip down the space time continuum to talk and pay homage to a lost friend. Roy Dotrice reads the Bastard Letter. Tana discusses the upside down pink triangle, and nazis all while nibbling sharktoots. Occasional Guitar solos to keep suzi at bay.


All Men Must Drink:

1 Bottle Gabbiano Chianti Classico